....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.


gospel sundays take me away

and belly says to brain, hey i'm too big, and legs tell it they are too tired and can't run anymore, and hey, they can't really run anyway... and bum, oh bum, he's a little depressed that there is enough on one side for two of him, and wait, why is bum male? bum should soo be a girl... all insecure and image conscious, but no, bum is a boy. a boy bum. and at the end of it all brain doesn't listen and mouth ends up working overtime when everything else is on lazytime.

i'm having body issues today. feeling too fat. feeling like too many people are staring at me. and they ARE. but maybe because i'm me and i'm in korea and well people stare no matter how big your buddah belly is.

what a weekend!! seeing faces that had disappeared for months and squealing with delight (and you know my squeal...and my drunk squeal). i'm really into drunk texting these days. not a good idea when you like a boy and really want him to know so you try to convey this information while drunk though the cell phone. oh dear. it has finally stopped raining and the mountains that i can see from my window are looking lush and green and i'm remembering the green lushness of the summer in the countryside and i'm getting excited again and again.


rainy days

make me sleepy, sad, happy and lonely all jumbled into one Andrea in a giant yellow raincoat biking in the rain. The yellow raincoat makes the world sound different and I feel like I'm inside a tent (which gives me that instant- happy- tenty- feeling) because the raincoat makes the rain sound like how the rain sounds when you are hearing it from inside a tent.. you know?!

Alternatives journal is publishing my piece on Sambhavna's garden in their summer issue, and SAGE is doing the Chingari story in their spring issue - how freaking exciting is that!! I finally feel like I'm doing something - not that i feel like I've been doing nothing forever, but you know, i guess yeah, i sort of feel like I've been doing nothing for awhile now.

I taught a class on Monday that had 21, 13 year old students in it... 21!!! that's 3x what I'm used to, and for some reason i became nervous and was blushing, omg, the constant blushing! I'm pretty used to teaching the 6 year olds who never question and just want to give you their undying love. "why is your face so red teacher?" .. omg kid, shut up because now I'm a cherry!

so in regard to the subject of my cherry red face, here is a picture i took of the river by my house. banks lined with the most beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom on the trees, and how sad...they have all floated away now on the wind, and a lot of them floated into my mouth/face/hair/eyes while i was biking, but hey, being showered in cherry blossoms petals by the wind can't be anyone's complaint!



dancing to the music in my head

I now live for the weekend. I've never lived for the weekend before. when i lived in Toronto i didn't even have a weekend, my off days were weekdays and hey, when i lived in Toronto everyday was Friday (well..especially during those nash and andrea days...) but now it's weekday flying by and HEY! here's friday and let's party. this weekend was a party. dancing my pants off, well, my shoes off (why do i always take my shoes off? dirty tights, dirty feet and killer sore feet the next day) of course this all night dancing happened after Justin and i did an all day biking to the han river beside Seoul, a 4 hour biking experience that i do once in awhile to remember just how sore your ass can get from a bike seat.

Sunday was an impromptu picnic in the park where we found a hidden tennis court that was like a ghost town..(well we took the back road way up to court, so maybe it just gave us the feeling of an abandoned ghost town tennis court in the middle of a huge park in Korea...) drinking wine, eating bread and cheese and talking till the wee hours... I'm really into eating onions these days.

goodnight pumpkins of the world.


all i want to do is ride bikes with you

how beautiful is spring in korea? Even though the cherry blossoms don't last longer than a heart beat or blink of an eye, it makes you appreciate them so much more. And all the colours and the warmth, oh i feel like I'm in love... Last year at this time I was watching Teri and a million Korean men run a half marathon through all the spring time wonder. I think about this time last year, and i feel like I'm in that same place, with a little difference here and there (accumulated knowledge about myself and accumulated travel etc) and it's strange. strange because it seems the last whatever with whomever didn't even happen. a fog covered hazy whatever. and you know, not upset about it at all. at first i was pretty upset. "I'm in the exact same place i was a year ago" type of feeling, but now, i realize the differences and the realization feels good.

Justin, Aer and I went away for the weekend, hiking, staying in minbaks (little rooms attached to a Koreans home for people to rent out) going to the most famous temple in Korea. There was even a farm festival. For the first time in my Korean life i completely noticed the difference in the Korean accent between the city folk and country bumpkins. it felt great, like I've been here long enough and let in to some secret group - the group for those who have lived in korea long enough to distinguish the different Korean accents.

I met a lot of people who have lived here for 2 years or longer. There is a lot of stigma attached to foreigners who stay in korea a long time, and this stigma is attached BY other foreigners. It's like they are saying... what?!!? you have been here 4 years?!?!?! what the fuck are you doing with your life? And even being here nearly 2 years I've gotten this from many people who just came here. And i hate it. who the fuck cares how long you stay here, maybe it's their career choice. After meeting these people I could picture myself hanging out in Asia for a lot longer. Time moves strangely after a certain period. I remember last year counting down the months, the weeks (till what? i have no idea, but i remember doing a lot of counting ) now, time flies and i hardly notice it at all. I'm rambling.



eating sweet potatoes, cuz i aint sweet enough.

spring comes in and we take those cutie-pie kids to the park to learn how to plant flowers. not that we actually got to plant the flowers, no no, we just put them in pots and brought them back to the school. kind of funny, kind of korean.. but hey a day out in the sun, well actually an hour, because that's all i have to work on Fridays.

This weekend was sun shine and sun smiles, and sometimes i grin so wide ...and of course because I'm the big white headed rainbow i am, people are always ALWAYS staring at me, but then the grin catches and they're grinning and I'm grinning even wider and laughing to myself.. ok maybe i am going crazy. I feel different though, I don't know if India changed me or if i had to change once I came back and really really had to change.. but I feel different, calmer, oh so much calmer. i can't even remember the last time i threw a pot at somebody's head (ok so that never happened, but boy could it have). India was all about learning how to relax because let's face it I'm pretty much a freak that can't sit still for any amount of time because there is too much to do and i don't have enough time to do it. why am I (or maybe wassssss...) like that. terrified that if i don't do this or that or go here or there or stand on my head while reading a book and eating soup I'm going to collapse? I'm glad I'm getting over it, and hey it only took 28 or India or a heart break. chose your own adventure.
and i don't ever feel like I've eaten a bowl of glass for lunch or brunch or brinner. which unfortunately used to happen all the time. ohh life learning lessons my friends.

ok enough banter.

It was Cindy's wedding today. And here we are... so cute and whoah.. all wearing white like little angels, except for the woman of the day wearing her traditional hanbok (she did get married in a huge white wedding dress though, and there was this woman, and her job was to fluff... fluff dresses, and wipe away tears with a q-tip. "what do you do?" "ohh i wipe away tears with a q-tip"). I miss working with these people SO much, that is the shitty thing about working at my new job, 6 pregnant women who can't speak any English and one western dude that doesn't really work at the same time as me. Korea weddings are pretty much like their western friends.. people, dresses, pictures, posing and food. but the concept here is get in and get out. and then the loudspeaker came on 10 min till you have to leave. hahah.. no wedding nori bangs here.

have i told you that I'm also totally obsessed with my new web cam. well now you know, or can see.

things to know.

1. dating Korean boys who can't speak a word of English doesn't work. no matter how cute he is.
2. mascara stained pillows no longer exist in my world - I've decided.
3. I'm sorry i led everyone to believe i was coming home and ready to borrow couches and beds and hearts when I'm not. but you still love me!

4. Teri mcneil should come back to Korea, because i say so.


drunk at 2:55

waking up to the sun shining on your face is magical and makes the morning. this is not my morning face.. this is my drunk owl night face..

loving my job.. OHH sooo loving my job and things seem to be going fantastical to the upteemth degree, which is NOT what i expected, but hey, the unexpected can be for the best...

I've decided to stay in Korea.. for a year.. oh my god.. how am i going to stay for a year i say.. thinking about CHRISTMAS in Korea.. a milliondy miles away but that's what I'm in for, I'll make it...

the greatest part of late has been reconnecting with friends and having so much to do and planning trips to the country.. the country! can't wait.. and it's nearly spring. the trees are doing that whole blossoming bit that they seem to do, which makes me feel good about life in general.

happy post. finally.
good night my lovers.