....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.


eating sugared squash

for breakfast is nearly as good as 구고마 (delicious sweet potatoes) and i have to thank Bradley hall for the introduction into the world of squash and the baking of it, which i now do in a tiny little toaster oven in my tiny little box of an apartment. I've been thinking about what i want... and i think bad things about thinking about what i want, i want not to want, but hell.. omg i want... and what i really want is a house with a garden or balcony... which lets face it, is NOT possible here in korea, and the problem is that i want this NOW. now now now... gimme.. greedy..

(Teri i'm jealous of your pig and garden, it's like we could change lives for 10 min to realize that we are ok where we are... )

A sleeping boy lies in my bed. pillow stained faces and stiff arms from sleeping in a mass mess of hugs. I am not comfortable sleeping with people....and I am not talking about sex here, because well.. that's not what i'm talking about. I'm talking about getting used to sleeping beside someone, listening to them, thinking about them.. and for me this is incredibly hard. maybe for others too? i dunno. but usually when i meet someone and we fall asleep next to each other i have the worst possible sleeps ever and this goes on for awhile. their breathing annoys me, and it's too hot and my god, how i can stop thinking about them and put my brain to sleep when here they are skin lightly brushing my arm and hands rubbing my back. can't turn brain off.

It's a 3 day long weekend. Hurray! and next week i fly to japan for 5 days. Hurray again! so 2 weeks of only 3 day teaching.. may is my kind of month. Today is also my sisters bday and i feel lousy cuz i bought her a card and was too lazy to go post it. i'm sorry.

now i will go jump on someones head and drink coffee and relax before going into seoul to do some dancing and dancing and well drinking.

hey guess i'm feeling better... a little displaced tho...


Teri said...

i've never been a fan of squash--i think it's the name that does it--but i DO know what you're saying about sleeping and newcomers... me too! and for some reason, maybe nervousness, i get gassy... not a great first impression. i used to think i was committment-phobic but i'm realizing now that i just gross boys out and leave them before they can leave me...

Bruiser does Denmark said...
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Bruiser does Denmark said...

Who is sleeping in your bed?

Do tell..

Joycey Joyce said...

nothing to tell.... he has now left the bed..and not likely to return! blah!!! hrm....i miss you! miss you in my freaking bed!!! get in my bed now!!