....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.


when i taught at schoooooollllll...

  1. excited for this weekend, Daegu and art show... 
  2. biking home drunk with hole playing loud in my ears.. i know.. hole... hahahahha.. yup totally laughable..
  3. why is korea better this time around, not that there was a time before, but i guess there was... pre march... the time before being....
  4. shouldn't write drunk.
  5. teri mcneil how great it is to hear your voice.. i totally just typed tit  instead of it and i found it sooo funny...
  6. should be a number six but there aint.. too tired...


boring bundang

lately I haven't left bundang all that much... well actually i haven't left it at all.... Even though we had days off and I wanted to make plans and go to the city or county, I couldn't... I just stayed at home and got drunk.  Good job andrea.

So it's just been me and Sam sam, my new computer (yee freaking haw!! but i do miss those Hangul characters...) and a bunch of bad dates from a recent post i made on Craig's list...  

the schools are going well.. or at least going anyway, I've definitely gotten used to this new schedule and the extra piles of work..  

I think I'm in love with one of the gym instructors.  he has this tear shaped scar beside his lip on his cheek and all i think about when biking my butt off in front of him, is that i want to kiss that scar away.  crazy i know.  one of the many stupid things i think about when exercising..  

it's raining it's pouring.

next weekend i'm going to party it up in Daegu!  The Chingari kids pictures and my pictures were accepted into a gallery show!  I'm tres excited!!



mr h호박

If life wasn't complicated enough I join this bag of shit.
I click on a profile and this is what I read:

i'll not accept those people:
1. the gays (including lesbians)
2. the people who judge a man by his appearance.
3. the egoists (i can't bear them)
4. over 33 years old.(sorry but nowadays, i feel i'm such old. dont wanna that feeling)
My Ideal Person:if u like travelling, conversation, advanture or u r warm hearted and broad-minded person, we can be good friends.

Favorite television shows: movie chanal
Favorite films: man on fire

aaaaaaaaahahahah the gays!!! They will never accept "the gays"! I'm glad this individual is looking for a warm hearted and broadminded person... idiot... and is movie chanal supposed to be The Movie Channel? I hate you whoever you are!

I've submitted an application to be part of an Art Show in Dageu and I think I've been accepted. My application was quite impressive... lol...

In one word describe what inspires you: LEFTOVERS
What is your favourite thing about Korea: EATING FROM THE SAME BOWL AS OTHERS
yup, I'm a winner....


I shouldn't watch

documentaries on North Korea because they make me terrified to live anywhere close to the county....I have no idea what this one I am watching is called but it's mostly interviews with defectors and what they have to say... terrible and terrifying....

Now back to my own selfish blabber... this week was totally stressful due to the fact that my school decided to fire the other English teacher (they gave him a whole weekend notice!!) because the children didn't like him anymore. This guy had taught there for 4 years! 4 friggen years!!! No one is Korea stays at the same school for 4 years. Anyway, good bye Pete Teacher, oh and Andrea Teacher, can you take over his class and work more hours per week, and by the way, we aren't going to pay you anything extra. ha....hahahah... hahahah.. what a bunch of fucking idiots.. I can't believe they were actually surprised when I told them that I was "SO sorry" aka go fuck yourselves.

This was also the week of seeing Koreans actually biking on the road! Yes, surprise surprise I biked behind someone on the road for the FIRST time ever in my 2 year biking life in Korea.
Maybe drivers will start getting used to seeing bikers on the street and be able to drive by me without honking at me, yelling at me, trying to kill me, telling me to bike on the sidewalk because they are worried about me etc etc etc...
my cell phone is currently being held together with tape..