....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.


a rich account of one woman's journey.... into humdrumnessssss

it snowed the other day, big fluffy snowflakes, that we watched fall from the bar as we drank our soju and read our futures.  

then i broke the KBF's (korean boyfriend) heart over text messages and melting snow.... but hellooooo  you are just too small and nice and i'm pure evil.  live.  alive.  

THE KINDY CLOSED! here is some space to think about me doing my happy dance or a jig since i am from the irish...                      .......

wasn't that nice.  the kindy closed, i no longer have to teach a milliondy hours a day and deal with 7 year old shitheads who say " Andrea teacher, i'm happy when english time is over" (ok so it's only one kid BRIAN the pain in my ass) and i turned to him and replied with my ever so sweet smile " Andrea teacher is even happier when brian time is over", it only takes one bad apple...that i will squeeze and sit upon to shut up.... pulling ears is also fun... shit i'm sadistic today... 

but i will have to leave my baby babies... i'm going to shed a tear or 100 at 1pm today when i say goodbye to these little munchkins that i adore....  

Toronto i'm coming home, but wait, first i'm going to go to Indonesia.. yes, that's tomorrow... 

(space for happy jig again...)

It's christmas eve, 
this time last year i was another person with not so bad a hangover.... wasn't so into the gin and tonics i guess....
I was watching the snow fall from your attic window dear sista, 
where i turned up the heat too high...  there is such a difference between dry winter and damp winter...
the dampness chills me to the core 

fuck that shit, i'm off to the BEACH!

xoxoxox merry xmas and all that!


Seymour said...

"Toronto i'm coming home"
What?!?!? :-O
Merry Xmas Andrea Teacher!
Did you get my xmas love in the mail?

Teri said...

HAHAHAAAAAAAA!!! could totally picture you jigging everywhere. are you at the beach right now, frunk and having a torrid yet brief love affair with a beautiful little island boy...? i bet so. miss you my ladybird. i just may be able to come see you in TO.... i'll keep clicking my heels!!

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