....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.



Indeed said...

Amazing PhotoShop skills! But really, it did help, so thanks!

jennifer said...

omg so hillarious!!!!!!!!! jsut saw it for the first time. but it is a "true map" lol

Teri said...

uhm, are you ever going to blog again... ? :(

Kim said...

Hi Joyce,

Sorry to do this in a comment, but I didn't see an email address for you anywhere. I'm a former native English teacher (lived and worked in Korea for two years) who is now a Master's student at the University of Glasgow. I found your blog through the Korean Blog List and I'm hoping that you would be willing to complete a questionnaire that forms part of the research I am conducting for my MSc Information Management & Preservation dissertation.

My dissertation will examine the archival value of blogs, as well as their role (if any) in helping to form and shape a sense of community identity amongst expats living in South Korea. This is being done in order to determine if, and how, they should be preserved.

You can read more about my project as well as fill out my questionnaire by visiting http://2009msc.wordpress.com Some of the issues I'm examining are what happens to blogs when their authors decide to stop writing or leave Korea and if blog authors would be willing to have their blogs digitally preserved, so I'd be interested to hear your views on these matters. I’d really appreciate it if you could find the time to complete the questionnaire.

(And, if any of your readers want to complete the questionnaire that would be great too, since I'd love to hear from them as well.)

Thank you,