....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.


fall down

my week off has been spent doing much of nothing, lazing around, cleaning, organizing and antagonizing my crazy street cat. but I did however decide that i would take this week to visit every doctor possible. Korea has a really good cheap medical system that works well, if you have insurance. Most teachers here do have insurance which we usually pay about 40 bucks a month for and your employer pays the other half. and boy let me tell ya, there are a lot of doctors here! Koreans go to the doctor for EVERYTHING, a sniffle, a cold, vagina rejuvenation etc. and paying for prescriptions (as long as it's covered by insurance) is next to nothing (i love my 5 bux bag of xanax.)

So Monday was dermatologist day. I'm actually getting laser hair removal done on some special places of my body (ok fine since you asked, my armpits and my vjj) and this costs next to nothing compared to how much it would cost at home.

Tuesday i went to see my obgyn to get a pap which is NOT covered by insurance here - retardo....

Wednesday was dentist day, the dentist and I certainly have a killer memorable relationship, my mouth is full of fillings (thank god they are white or i would be embarrassed to open my mouth!) and I've had 2 root canals. after the exam the dentist looks at me and asks, "so do you have insurance?" never something you want to hear after your dentist pokes around your mouth with that cold scrapey thingie. gritting my rotting teeth i say "yes" and ask "why?". well low and behold one of my root canals isn't properly done and is causing inflammation (and yes some pain, but they pain isn't always there so really i can deal with it so let's not talk about this horrible idea of REDOING my root canal), well I nearly burst into tears. but then she takes about 5 more xrays and taps my tooth a million times and sticks some ice stick on it and my gums, and then decides that the procedure would be really expensive, has a high failure rate and maybe since my tooth doesn't really hurt right now, we can wait and see. YES, i love this wait and see attitude. don't try to fix it until my name is gummy. I then convinced her that she AND her 4 year old daughter should get some English lessons from me. and i got some gum work done as service! ohh service, it's the Korean word for when you get something for free. like sometimes you buy a bag of oranges and the fruit guy will throw in a rotten apple as service. or if you buy something really expensive (like a 300 dollar tent) they will throw in something that cost a dollar (we got a pair of socks i think) for service.

here is a picture of all the meds i was on for my not-swine-flu-flu last week. Oh and my domo-kun slipper.


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