....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.


swine time

I've been sick now with (enter type of flu here) flu for about a week. But it's officially day three of stay at home and don't leave and spread your nasty germs to the general populace - oh and try to get better while you at it.

Day one - was Wednesday, I had gone to bed on Tuesday night feeling like a bag of shit. Basically shaking so hard because i was so cold, and sweating so hard because i had a fever.

This is the same crap I had gone through the week before when i came down with the flu, the only difference being that on Tuesday night my body hurt SO MUCH and it hurt to breathe (hey and guess what it still does). So Wednesday morning rolls around and what do i do? well try to shower.. hahah.. can't stay upright... and then get a taxi to school (yes my mission IS to infect all the little children!) I get to school, I tell my co-teacher that I'm going to the hospital and then Lauren one of my adorable students gives me a cookie, which I eat for breakfast.

I get to Seoul National hospital (and why exactly is it called that when it's located on the tancheon in Jungja-Dong?) and of course being the only foreigner around everyone rushes to help me.. HELLS NO... i wait for 20 minutes with the stupid number machine paper in my hand at reregistration while everyone and their grandmother ignores the ticket machine and just goes up to the window. Finally my number is called and I give a smug look of "well there we go, see the good people wait their turn" but there is no one there to see it because they have all been helped already. blah. Anyway, register, get ushered to the side of the hospital where the H1N1 festival is underway!

Woo hoo! H1N1 party! If you didn't come here with it you sure as hell are going to leave with it! About 100 people are milling around wearing masks, not wearing masks, coughing up something, sleeping, yelling etc etc... it really is a party! I get in a long line and finally my turn (well of course my turn is taken by some business man who clearly looks NOT SICK AT ALL - which is strange because now I notice that many people don't look sick at all, while i'm all feverish and sketchy-mc-flu face, so I'm wondering what are these not sick people doing here?!?!? question totally answered after)

I see the doctor, doctor confirms i have the flu (which type?!?!) She tells me i have the new flu... wtf?! The new flu, hrm... isn't that just the name which they have now given to the regular flu?! Well who knows, they do the tests for swine flu, and the results for that come back on Saturday. I go home, with my bag of meds, that cost 110,000!!! yikes! guess tamiflu is NOT covered by insurance. then sleep. sleep and sleep.

Day 2 - Thursday - i wake up and my bed is covered in blood! AUGHGHGHGH!!! I check myself and realize no my flu didn't turn into a deadly flesh eating disease or anything like that... my cat, who was neutered last week, has somehow managed to cut open his little ball sack. (sorry boy for the visuals) He now has a bloody raw ball sack. So i take my (wtf type of fu do i have?) butt over to the vet and really i have NO idea how to explain this... the balls were healing just fine, there was just a tiny little incision hole that was doing just fine, i really have no idea what the cat did, but now he has to pay the price and wear the cone around his head.... hahah... which he still manages to torture me through - did i mention my cat is not very nice...

The rest of the day was quite uneventful, I felt less sick and a lot less sore (yaahooo) but the pain when i breathe is still ever present and I watched nearly the entire first season of scrubs.

Day 3- Friday - It's still quite early so I'm sure I can write more on today's most exciting stuck in my house events later. I woke up feeling crappy because I had coughed my way through sleep town, waking myself up every 30 minutes. Also I have no appetite at all, but god dang am I a thirsty camel - I drank about 6 - 8 liters of water yesterday which also woke up me every hour during the night. So I'm sure I'll spend most of today sleeping - or cleaning my bathroom and doing laundry while standing on my head making a sock monkey. I'm definitely not the type of person that is able to lie down and get better, that's my problem I guess


Celeste Surrounded by Fairies and Grasshoppers said...

Oh--I am gonna have FUUUUUN reading your blog. Now, don't let it fall by the wayside!~!~!~ :P

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