....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.


ouch my tonsills!

What a weekend, i spent it being hopped up on pills and crying over the pain. how do children who get tonsillitis cope with this sort of thing? I couldn't imagine not crying about the pain...but maybe it was also due to the intense ear pain i was having from the blood cloth the doctor found in my ear. Going to see the doctor in Korea is definitely an interesting experience. I go see the doctor who helped me though my sinus infection last march (she also happens to be the parent of my student), a lot of doctors here are traditional and western medicine practitioners at the same time... so this doctor examines my ear and throat and tells me to open wide for the acupuncture she is about to preform on my tonsil. yes this will hurt she reassures me...but it actually didn't hurt as much as i though it would. Then she preforms the same pokey treatment on my ear showing me my bloody results too... kind of interesting....i enjoyed seeing it. I paid my 5,000 won (around $5) and went downstairs to the pharmacy to see mother superior for my pills. A typical 3 day party pack of non-descript antibiotics and other meds for the low price of about $3. Then I go to school where the director freaks out over my lack of voice and ambition to be there for the day, she is especially freaking out since monday (tomorrow) is open class where all the parents come into school and see what their kids are learning and decide if they want to keep them there. I sleep though the day go home and feel like shit, cursing louis for not being there to take care of me, because now i was feeling SO sorry for myself and my raw bestial tonsils. Saturday i wake up feeling 100 times worse and we take a cab to the doctor who is, of course, on holiday. So upstairs i go to the other doctor in the building (i swear every building here has 2 or 3 doctors inside). This doctor does these homeopathic tests on me by making me put out my arm and resisting her pressure as she pushes down on it. she touches spots on my face and body and if i can't resist the pressure it means that's where i have the illness. this doctor studied medicine at Harvard by the way.... so she pressurizes me and decides that I'm immune to the pills i'm taking, then she puts her hands on some pills and pushes on my arm again, when i can't resist that's the pill i should take. crazy. then she gave me two shots in the bum! korean doctors LOVE to give you shots in the bum, every time i go to the doctor (the last time for a bladder infection) they are all over the i wanna give you a shot in the bum! But the shot actually did make me feel better, and the pills made me feel better, but not to say recovered in any sense of a recovery with tonsils being ok and it not being a pain in the ass to swallow my own spit. Louis has taken care of me all weekend buying me bread and allowing me to be stinky (well he only made fun of my stinky armpits 2 times....). i wish i had another day off.... tomorrow i have to go be clean and better and jolly with these parents and try to speak loud and clearly when for sure they are going to think i have some speech impediment and some drooling problem from the non-swallowing i will be doing.


mindless drivel, prattel, ramble etc

safety first in korea, that's what i always say! This is just the good ol' sidewalk after a building was blasted. Glass is just everywhere and bricks, well, the bricks seem to be arranged in a particular order, one conducive to falling over them and into the glass. Today I decided that my favourite person is the coffee lady. everyday she makes me happy, even though i think she secretly hates louis and i.

next thursday my yoga class is going to go hiking (ironically it's up the mountain i got lost on, on sunday) and i'm really excited! i love this medley of offbeat women that i make an ass of myself in front of everyday!


a post without a picture....

because blogger is being incongruous as usual! So it's just words today. formidable. The past weeks have been a little on the boring side. we don't go away very often anymore, and now my multi entry visa is expired so there's no leaving the country (until i'm leaving it for good of course!). I've been a scatterbrain extraordinaire as of late, on sunday when i was hiking our good ol' junja-dong mountain (which, my god, i've been up and down A LOT of times) i got lost! plain ol' lost in the woods. i ended up on a golf course facing a long walk home. but it was an experience (picture me trying to ask the adjashie at the gate where i was....). I'm enjoying my daily days at the gym and am trying pretty hard again to loose weight, the problem is my body just doesn't want to let it go! And now it's cold outside so my brain just believes that fat is even more valuable! Well....cold in the sense that i am cold, doesn't necessarily mean that it IS cold, some would just use the word cool. or brisk, or wonderful even. but i'm a shivering mess on my bike morning and night time. please remember that i also donned my winter coat in canada around mid october! it's soup and tea time, all the time!


jeju do etc etc

For Chuseok (korean thanksgiving) Louis and I headed off to Jeju-Do, a small island 5 hours ferry ride off the coast of Korea. When we arrived in Jeju do (which is supposed to be a tropical paradise!) it was gray and rainy and nothing like what we expected! Everyone has told us that jeju is unlike any place in korea blahblahlbhahb but i swear to you, every town that i have been in, in korea, looks exactly the same! Little dirty coloured apartments from the late 70's lining the road with 3 convenient stores, 6 restaurants and something else mixed in. well, i'm exaggerating a bit, but seriously, the towns in jeju looked just like the towns i had been in that morning before catching the dang ferry, so it was bit of a surprise. So off we went anyway on our adventure around the island. We took a bus through the north coast and stayed at a little village on the north east side where there was a volcanic crater that you could hike up and see. it was pretty interesting and beautiful, but of course there were speakers everywhere pumping out bad bad bad music (like chim chimmy chim chim from mary poppins!!!!). Because i'm a prat and wouldn't stand in the road with my thumb out louis hitched us a ride with a nice family in a large car and we got them to take us down the east coast and to a traditional korean village. In July, a few of us went to a very well known korean traditional

house in the traditional village

near Andong in the center of Korea, there we stayed with a little grandmother who owned a minbak (a small room for rent). That traditional village was really touristy and even though there were koreans living and working and doing their thing in the village it still felt like it was ok to be there. THIS village on jeju do was pretty much the opposite. Even though we saw a tour group being led around, we felt sooooo intrusive and didn't feel like we should be there at all. So off we go again hitchhiking to another area where there were lava tubes under the ground (oh did i mention that this used to be a volcanic island) . These tubes where giant hollowed out caves that the lave created (i'm guessing here i really don't have much of an idea) so we were able to go inside them and walk around. Of course they were spectacular, soooooo huge and interesting looking but of course of course there were the speakers, blaring music (this time bossanova maybe for those that didn't appreciate the earlier elevator music) and coloured lights everywhere! bahhhhhhhhhhhh. korea always does this!!! Dresses everything up in the most ridiculous way!!! From there we hitch hike some more because this was a week ago i can't even remember now what people picked us up. But anyway they brought us to a little town on the south coast where we rented bikes and started biking around the south side

of the island. I just have to insert something here that is driving me nuts... BLOGGER I HATE YOU! these templates suck and i wish i remember how to do html so i didn't need to use them because i can't get the pictures to go where i want them to go EVEN THOUGH there is this drag function! bahhhhhhhh.... sorry.... ok... island, hitch hiking biking and we find ourselves on a beautiful beach where we camped for the night and swam in the morning. I felt soooo lucky at this point! Being on a beach at the end of September, swimming in the salty ocean getting new freckles, being with the boy that i'm madly in love with etc etc, but as soon as we started biking the next day it wore off, but onlyyyy when biking uphill! biking down hill was like having renewed faith in myself and mankind and not thinking about how much i hate biking or how out of shape i must be (my uphill biking thoughts along with, ohhh where are the shards of glass on the road, i'm going to pop my tired and then i don't have to do this muuuuhahahaha...)
another interjection that this template sucks and i can't move the picture below to the right friggen side of the screen! aughhhh...

Anyway..... that's it for jeju do/our last vacation from school!!! 11 more weeks kids! yeee haw! i really don't feel like i'm ready to leave korea, but ohhhh my god am i ready to leave my freaking job!!! I have finally made some gym friends! After three months at the gym someone finally talked to me!!! woo hoo!! My gym is not frequented by foreigners so it was a tuff one to make friends at! Anyway, one is my hot yoga instructor (who i totally think is a lesbo! but she tells me she loves men....hrm...) and the other one is a girl from the yoga class. We three hung out this week and even though their English is limited (especially hot not lesbo instructor) we hung out talking for 3 hours! All right, it's Saturday and i'm off to the gyno! there is your mental picture for the day boys and girls... muhah...

god speed.