....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.


a rich account of one woman's journey.... into humdrumnessssss

it snowed the other day, big fluffy snowflakes, that we watched fall from the bar as we drank our soju and read our futures.  

then i broke the KBF's (korean boyfriend) heart over text messages and melting snow.... but hellooooo  you are just too small and nice and i'm pure evil.  live.  alive.  

THE KINDY CLOSED! here is some space to think about me doing my happy dance or a jig since i am from the irish...                      .......

wasn't that nice.  the kindy closed, i no longer have to teach a milliondy hours a day and deal with 7 year old shitheads who say " Andrea teacher, i'm happy when english time is over" (ok so it's only one kid BRIAN the pain in my ass) and i turned to him and replied with my ever so sweet smile " Andrea teacher is even happier when brian time is over", it only takes one bad apple...that i will squeeze and sit upon to shut up.... pulling ears is also fun... shit i'm sadistic today... 

but i will have to leave my baby babies... i'm going to shed a tear or 100 at 1pm today when i say goodbye to these little munchkins that i adore....  

Toronto i'm coming home, but wait, first i'm going to go to Indonesia.. yes, that's tomorrow... 

(space for happy jig again...)

It's christmas eve, 
this time last year i was another person with not so bad a hangover.... wasn't so into the gin and tonics i guess....
I was watching the snow fall from your attic window dear sista, 
where i turned up the heat too high...  there is such a difference between dry winter and damp winter...
the dampness chills me to the core 

fuck that shit, i'm off to the BEACH!

xoxoxox merry xmas and all that!

everyone's gonna love you aka things i like

talking to my mum on skype

my kindies


A Smattering Of Scintillating

life is boring lately, work, break, other work, gym, sleep.....Friday drink.  so i guess there is the reason for lack of posting.  i could bitch about work or rave about it, i could bitch and rave about the gym and drinking and sleeping too.  hey, don't you just really want to know about that exciting dream i had?!?!?!  

What happened lately...  went to art show in Daegu, threw up on a cab.  Went hiking, a lot, no barfing though.... 

Indonesia xmas plans, please no tsunamis and earthquakes from now on, ok (yes reader, you do have the ability to curb tsunamis and earthquakes! )  And xmas plans are tres exciting and heck only like 4 weeks away!  

I'm am counting down in my head, 4 weeks till break (and i soooo need it from this schedule from esl hell) and then what, only 8 weeks more weeks till march and back to a normal life of not working like a crazy...  



when i taught at schoooooollllll...

  1. excited for this weekend, Daegu and art show... 
  2. biking home drunk with hole playing loud in my ears.. i know.. hole... hahahahha.. yup totally laughable..
  3. why is korea better this time around, not that there was a time before, but i guess there was... pre march... the time before being....
  4. shouldn't write drunk.
  5. teri mcneil how great it is to hear your voice.. i totally just typed tit  instead of it and i found it sooo funny...
  6. should be a number six but there aint.. too tired...


boring bundang

lately I haven't left bundang all that much... well actually i haven't left it at all.... Even though we had days off and I wanted to make plans and go to the city or county, I couldn't... I just stayed at home and got drunk.  Good job andrea.

So it's just been me and Sam sam, my new computer (yee freaking haw!! but i do miss those Hangul characters...) and a bunch of bad dates from a recent post i made on Craig's list...  

the schools are going well.. or at least going anyway, I've definitely gotten used to this new schedule and the extra piles of work..  

I think I'm in love with one of the gym instructors.  he has this tear shaped scar beside his lip on his cheek and all i think about when biking my butt off in front of him, is that i want to kiss that scar away.  crazy i know.  one of the many stupid things i think about when exercising..  

it's raining it's pouring.

next weekend i'm going to party it up in Daegu!  The Chingari kids pictures and my pictures were accepted into a gallery show!  I'm tres excited!!



mr h호박

If life wasn't complicated enough I join this bag of shit.
I click on a profile and this is what I read:

i'll not accept those people:
1. the gays (including lesbians)
2. the people who judge a man by his appearance.
3. the egoists (i can't bear them)
4. over 33 years old.(sorry but nowadays, i feel i'm such old. dont wanna that feeling)
My Ideal Person:if u like travelling, conversation, advanture or u r warm hearted and broad-minded person, we can be good friends.

Favorite television shows: movie chanal
Favorite films: man on fire

aaaaaaaaahahahah the gays!!! They will never accept "the gays"! I'm glad this individual is looking for a warm hearted and broadminded person... idiot... and is movie chanal supposed to be The Movie Channel? I hate you whoever you are!

I've submitted an application to be part of an Art Show in Dageu and I think I've been accepted. My application was quite impressive... lol...

In one word describe what inspires you: LEFTOVERS
What is your favourite thing about Korea: EATING FROM THE SAME BOWL AS OTHERS
yup, I'm a winner....


I shouldn't watch

documentaries on North Korea because they make me terrified to live anywhere close to the county....I have no idea what this one I am watching is called but it's mostly interviews with defectors and what they have to say... terrible and terrifying....

Now back to my own selfish blabber... this week was totally stressful due to the fact that my school decided to fire the other English teacher (they gave him a whole weekend notice!!) because the children didn't like him anymore. This guy had taught there for 4 years! 4 friggen years!!! No one is Korea stays at the same school for 4 years. Anyway, good bye Pete Teacher, oh and Andrea Teacher, can you take over his class and work more hours per week, and by the way, we aren't going to pay you anything extra. ha....hahahah... hahahah.. what a bunch of fucking idiots.. I can't believe they were actually surprised when I told them that I was "SO sorry" aka go fuck yourselves.

This was also the week of seeing Koreans actually biking on the road! Yes, surprise surprise I biked behind someone on the road for the FIRST time ever in my 2 year biking life in Korea.
Maybe drivers will start getting used to seeing bikers on the street and be able to drive by me without honking at me, yelling at me, trying to kill me, telling me to bike on the sidewalk because they are worried about me etc etc etc...
my cell phone is currently being held together with tape..



....weekend away in Muuido. sandy feet, sun shine and leaving Bundang is always welcome and wanted.

The weekend started too early though, with me meeting Korean Jenny and then western Jenny for drinks Wed and Thursday. Jason came down on Friday and a bunch of us went to eat 참치 (delicious raw tuna) and of course drink kettles of ohshipsayju. Jason and I talked at length about a big trip to Nepal and India come March or April - which leaves me quite clueless as to do come March when my contract is up and I'm free to go or stay and get another job... Now that I'm working hours that most would consider normal but I consider crazy, I'm leaning more towards going away after the contract is up because I know I'll be awfully burned out and dying for some backpacking anyway.

When ever dearest Jason stays over, he makes me stay up way too late and drink too much! It's not his fault, I'm easily persuaded - but I always regret it the next day, especially when we have to get up early to go to Muuido.

But we got up, and took the airport bus and then a bus to the ferry and then the ferry and then a bus to the beach... whew.. thank god transit is AMAZING in Korea. Everything is connected here by buses or subways or trains, and if it's not you can always take a cab for next to nothing. loves it.

We meet up with about 20 others and rented little huts on the beach. I love meeting people, but it makes me so sad because these people live so far away that I probably will never see them again. This has happened so many times, with the Chuncheon girls, and other people I've met while travelling. You know seoul isn't that far away , but when you meet someone who lives on the other side of Seoul and you live on the other side of the other side it sure doesn't make it easy to become close friends.

But anyway, booze makes up great friends for the night...

We sit around a bonfire with 3 people on guitar and the rest of us singing Bob Marley to our hearts content. One of laura's friends brought her fire spinning thingies so we all got to spin fire (auntie debs you would have been proud!)

The beach we went to was called Hanagae Beach and as nice as it was (and way friggen cheaper than the beach we went to in Jeollanamdo) the swimming sucked. The tide went out, wayyyyyyyy out and it was just mud flats for what seemed like miles. Also when the tide was in, the water never went past our knees. But it was fantastical to just get out for the weekend (and avoid monkey beach again for the 3rd weekend in a row! woo hoo!)

there is still sand in my ears...


remember how much you loved spike from degrassi high?

sock monkey
sock monkey vs cat
today was freaking melancholy.....listening to modest mouse in the rain provoked the mood for sure.

Friday night and I'm home sewing!

then after I finish making little sock monkey I decide to torture my poor cat... yup someone is bored !!

I just want to go dancing


can't stop the love

today I was in such a good mood and grinning so wide i nearly ingested a dragonfly when I was biking along the Tanchon. but then again it sure is dragonfly season!

The cause of my good mood you ask? Who knows, having an extra hour before going to the new job definitely was a booster into wide smiles. Also the weather here is slowly changing and i'm so happy about the coolness (and not to be sick from stupid allergies and heat and have sweat drip down my back when i'm just standing around.. uck...)

I'm so tired now. working all these hours sure is killer and I have to bust my ass from job to job and then to the gym and then to go drinking of course. drinking with the cute vet who btw ISN'T married as was previously suspected.

I'm sure into Korean dudes these days.

garden love

.....Since I'm posting about articles, here is one that I wrote for Alternatives Journal. Just click on the article and it will open up full sized in another window.

the write time

the article I did on the Bhopal kids is now published in Sage magazine.. you can read the magazine and the article here!!


Jeollanamdo time

Boseong Tea Fields12 days off is never enough, but it did give us enough time to hit some of the "hot spots" in Korea's most southern province Jeollanam-do.

My sister flew over for 2 weeks, and after partying at good ol' dubs and monkey beach in seoyheon, we got a train down to Boseong - green tea land!!

Julie had her first love motel experience, a lot cleaner than she expected..ㅋㅋㅋ

a taxi took us to the fields which grow something like 80% of Korea's green tea. they were pretty breathtaking to say the least...but I'm a sucker for symmetry. Well not much else to see in Boseong really, well, maybe there is but we sure didn't stick around. After locking ourselves inside the hotel room - and trying to mcgyver our way out (we finally realized that hey, i have a phone and we can call the hotel and scream 502, room 502 key no, in broken Korean - that someone will come rescue us!) we headed to Wando.

Wando is one of the many islands dotting the south west coast. I had read in the lonely planet that Sinji-do, a smaller island off the coast of Myeongsasimni beach
Wando had beautiful beaches. So I'm totally
picturing you know, quiet small island deserted beach.. ha..ya right. After our bus ride which drops you right off at Myeongsasimni beach, we walked into mayhem! Tents, people, people PEOPLE, food, more tents and those yellow swimming tubes EVERYWHERE!!! aughh.. but you know, the next day, tuesday everybody disappeared! it was fantastic! Our little tent was seriously one of the hand full of tents that were left, AND the tent adjoshe never came by, so we didn't have to pay for camping...score, since everything else at the beach was so friggen expensive! Soju - 3,000!!!! usually soju is urm.. what 1,300... Anyway, camping at the beach was nice and then we met these 3 Korean dudes who were awesome. We had a bbq tent party with them and the next day we all hiked up a mountain
to see a temple (in the scotching heat!).

My sister couldn't get over the Korean wearing clothes in the water phenomenon. I actually think that a lot more Koreans were wearing bathing suits and bikinis this year compared to last, but it's still shocking to see a whole mass of people going for a dip in their Sunday best.

So off we go back on the bus and another bus and head to Haenam, home of something special (a guy on the bus told me what it was, some kind of bird or something or maybe a reed... hahah..) to stay in the mountains of Duryunsan Provincial Park.

Daedunsa Zen temple complex
We went to this beautiful zen temple complex - Daedunsa Zen temple complex -that was really well hidden in the forest and sooooo huge and we got to hear some monks chanting and more fun temple stuff... When we got to the forest zen temple zone, (after hiking up some huge hills to the hostel we were staying at) we saw lots of people camping in the forest, which we though what idiots we are! we could have camped here, but you know.. it is cicada season and we probably wouldn't have been able to sleep....

1 sleep later and off to Gwangju (Koreas 5th largest city WOO HOO!) where we find another cozy love motel to bunk down in for our last 2 nights away. We travel to the Damyang to see the bamboo forest and bamboo craft fair. OMG what a let down! The forest was beautiful, but so hot and of course there were some nice plastic pandas to welcome us. We did get lost in it though - no english on the trail markers and the red trail and orange trail were basically the same colour. The market was the equivalent of those 3 stores in china town in Toronto that sell all that bamboo stuff made in China. We did eat some delicious haemul pajeong made from bamboo, drink some southern version of makalie (yuck) and have some bamboo noodles. delicious!

Gwangju is sort of like seoul or any other korean city really. We stayed by the bus station where nothing is going on... and thinking the "downtown" was within walking distance (which hey, it could be if you chose to walk to right way...) we ventured out to find some nightlife. The shopping area was nearly an exact replicate of Myeongdong in Seoul.

We never made it to the bar area which i'm sure would have been another replicate of hongdae or the like. We did norae bang it up though! Our last day it was too hot to do much, we stayed inside and saw the sights of the National Museum (pretty good museum actually) and watched Dark Night. Then the monsoon which had held out for the entire trip broke free and it rained. boy did it rain. then julie jumping over a puddle fell and broke her foot! But somehow we managed to get back home the next day and have a good ol' bday party for me! ta-da!


Bundang the great

infatuation station

this post could be a million bullet points to sum up the last month of non posting... well not a million because certainly i haven't been doing much... so just a few then.

. on my way to school i see a cat on the sidewalk. cats just don't hang out on the sidewalk in korea. an adjjuma wearing a huge visor comes along and pokes it with one of those picking up garbage thongs. now i'm crying because i've realized that the cat is half moving and this adjjuma is poking it with a picking up garbage thong. i call jenny, she can't understand me because i'm crying. i call korean jenny begging her to call the animal rescue service. ha... animal rescue service... in korea... for cats.. you got to be kidding. long story short korean jenny and i take street cat to the vet and it dies. oh poor little street cat. and the vet shows me two little baby kittens hit by cars at the age of zero and well... i become selfish and realize that i CAN have a baby kitten if i want and take one of them home (the brain damaged one with only 3 working legs). Jenny takes the other (the non brain damaged one with 4 working legs).

.dating a Korean boy who couldn't speak much English sure was hard. and not possible for me. frustration station - which made me feel like a bag of shit... who am i to become frustrated at someone because they can't speak English (especially when we are not in an English speaking country!!!) but frustration is how i felt. no babbling and I'm a babbler. maybe.

.my sister is here! she has now been asleep for 13 hours. we will travel to the south on Sunday and go camping and beaching and relaxing. please no more typhoons and monsoons. I'm so done with the rain.

.i've found me another job. with housing. whew. it's been a poor 5 months for me, so now I'm excited to be making money and to start actually saving (well paying back student loans). it's also time that i work more than 3 hours a day and stop getting pedicures at noon. i hope my new apartment is as nice as this one.

.i've stated actually enjoying my gym, which is great news because now i love going there. before i forced myself to get up at 7 in the morning and go run before making a mad dash for school. now it's all morning for me, (well, me and 3 working legged cat who makes so much shit in that litter box) and i go to the gym at night to join in spinning classes and box fit and some other fit classes that make me pant and sweat like i love.

.my sister and i will go on a picnic and play badminton. i've become obsessed with playing badminton, even though i am not a force to be reckoned with....

. i will drink a bottle of gin today because i love my liver.

. it's my b-day on the 11th so make sure you send me all packages via yesterday...



my 모리 is something special

so i googled searched gray hair (and I may have mentioned before the fact that until about ohhh... a month or two ago I thought the spelling of gray was grey....) and couldn't believe what came up ....

this being one definition of premature gray hair...When more than half the hair is white by age 40, though, this is considered "premature."

Are you kidding me?!?! So then I googled searched images of grey gray hair and couldn't find one picture of anybody with anything close to what my hair looks like.

So now I'm feeling something special, sitting all here in my computer chair with the web cam on eating some kim chi and seaweed. with of course a head full of messy gray hair.

and talking to 홍일 on the phone...

My sister is probably coming to Korea for the fist two weeks of August. This makes me the happiest gal in Bundang! I'm so excited to show off my fantastic Korean skills! hahah.. yeah right... I'm just excited to show someone the amazingness of the all you can eat cham chi and kettles of obeksayju....

good night sweet thangs....


He shows up at my door....

bearing gifts of morning time coffee, chusock sized boxes of melons, kim chi (that his mum made) and once at 6:30 in the morning with an umbrella. I'm trying to figure out if it's him being uber Korean and having to bring me something each time he comes to my house or if he is just the most amazing person ever.

But the language barrier is strong, and I'm feeling it a lot, mostly because I just can't ramble on and on at a high speed about anything and everything. it's just not possible. If we are together and someone calls me, i switch from slow English for beginners to BFF on the phone with swearing and slang in .1 seconds and his face contorts and he has a different English to study.

But it's really nice having a Korean boyfriend (well, I'm saying boyfriend here but really i have no idea!) because I get a TOTALLY new view of Korea. Korean people's houses and Korean friends who don't speak English or are not English teachers. Trips to the countryside and places that only Koreans seem to know.

my Korean is somehow not improving though. ha...

Last weekend was a long one, with no work on Friday. Jenny and I decided to have a little shit show and started our day with a drunken picnic and continued it all day through bars and nori bang.

being drunk all day in the park is a great way to meet new friends...


smitten little kitten

And i had to actually explain to him that korean's have bigger heads....

this was of course after putting on the giant helmet (which is for the oh such much fun autobike, and not for any sort of mental delayed development at not understanding slash denial at how large korean head size really is....)


some eye candy...

look at how absolutely adorable my 5 year old's are...

picking blackberries makes me excited! reminds me of the
days as a young lass in the brambles in Ireland...

ok this picture is absolute halair... i'm so into it, probably
singing some song (most likely ABC rock) that the kids are
so not into.... what i really mean to say is...
teaching your children makes me make this face....

well no, not really....