....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.


outta touch

with a large group of misfits that i call my friends and that i clearly belong with. It's like I've forgotten that the phone and the post exist. I like writing letters but now i'm lazy and maybe slightly depressed or just not wanting to do a lot of things i used to really enjoy. Anyway, this out of touch-ness has got to end because really one day i will show up at your door and I would like it if we remembered each other's faces.

but enough of that. It's monday. should we talk about the weekend. I haven't posted on here in awhile, mostly to avoid talking about my life, which HEY i don't have to talk about it because really do you want to read paragraphs of me going on and on about this bar and that gin and tonic that threw me over the edge...

but this weekend, fantastical. 1st Hong Il and I had a day date planned (this is pony tail boy) where we scooted all around town on his little scooter. being me of course i was terrified the moment i got on the thing, i really really REALLY don't trust people driving me on any kind of two wheeled vehicle. I won't sit on the back of your bike unless i'm drunk and it takes a lot to put me on the back of a scooter. but by the end of the night i was like, holy shit i've never had so much fun. We biked to this huge market (like the food terminal down in etobicoke) and i met his brother the fruit wholesaler.. lol.. then we went to Lotte Dept. Store , which is just a giant mall, to go ICE SKATING!!! yay! thank god i went with nash and brock in Amsterdam because I was totally not scared at all and didn't fall once! woot woot.... and ice skating on our first "date", really, best ever.... then 2nd, kim and alex called on friday and yay yay! they come to bundang for the weekend, so i meet kim and we run around town to bars with friends and then end up in Hongdae (the cool area to go and party) and dance at seoul's version of the dance cave until maybe 7 in the morning. and it ain't no party like a dance cave party unless the make outs are a flowing like booze.

here is a picture of me on one of the 20 hour train rides in india. i love it because i want it again and again and again.
it's june now and life is ever changing.

i'm really happy for a bunch of things this month.

ponytails included.

my students are fantastical and it's a long weekend AGAIN....

let's just hope this early monsoon we are having will not last forever...

ciao bellas and different fellas

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