....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.



....weekend away in Muuido. sandy feet, sun shine and leaving Bundang is always welcome and wanted.

The weekend started too early though, with me meeting Korean Jenny and then western Jenny for drinks Wed and Thursday. Jason came down on Friday and a bunch of us went to eat 참치 (delicious raw tuna) and of course drink kettles of ohshipsayju. Jason and I talked at length about a big trip to Nepal and India come March or April - which leaves me quite clueless as to do come March when my contract is up and I'm free to go or stay and get another job... Now that I'm working hours that most would consider normal but I consider crazy, I'm leaning more towards going away after the contract is up because I know I'll be awfully burned out and dying for some backpacking anyway.

When ever dearest Jason stays over, he makes me stay up way too late and drink too much! It's not his fault, I'm easily persuaded - but I always regret it the next day, especially when we have to get up early to go to Muuido.

But we got up, and took the airport bus and then a bus to the ferry and then the ferry and then a bus to the beach... whew.. thank god transit is AMAZING in Korea. Everything is connected here by buses or subways or trains, and if it's not you can always take a cab for next to nothing. loves it.

We meet up with about 20 others and rented little huts on the beach. I love meeting people, but it makes me so sad because these people live so far away that I probably will never see them again. This has happened so many times, with the Chuncheon girls, and other people I've met while travelling. You know seoul isn't that far away , but when you meet someone who lives on the other side of Seoul and you live on the other side of the other side it sure doesn't make it easy to become close friends.

But anyway, booze makes up great friends for the night...

We sit around a bonfire with 3 people on guitar and the rest of us singing Bob Marley to our hearts content. One of laura's friends brought her fire spinning thingies so we all got to spin fire (auntie debs you would have been proud!)

The beach we went to was called Hanagae Beach and as nice as it was (and way friggen cheaper than the beach we went to in Jeollanamdo) the swimming sucked. The tide went out, wayyyyyyyy out and it was just mud flats for what seemed like miles. Also when the tide was in, the water never went past our knees. But it was fantastical to just get out for the weekend (and avoid monkey beach again for the 3rd weekend in a row! woo hoo!)

there is still sand in my ears...


Jeonghun said...

wow you've been to muuido
I had been to there in May
It looked really nice!

Anonymous said...

Thank u ;-) check out that emo boy style at this blog:

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