....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.


weekends spent away from home

are wonderful and make me feel like I'm traveling again, even though guess what aj, you're not really, but you can pretend, well until you get to school on Monday morning.

But let's just pretend for the moment that Monday morning doesn't exist.

1. i am obsessing with the mid to late 90's, especially by watching a million videos on you tube where bands are running through the streets of Toronto....
do i actually miss snowy days on bloor street??? ack! i miss snowy days on bloor street when i was 16 and waiting outside of lees palace to see a million bad bands that i was in love with.....

2. Japan for 6 days wasn't long enough. le sigh. I love it there, the people, the environmental responsibility that is practiced by the country. The small streets, with small wooden house and garbage cans, and no one staring and temples and bicycles and this strange sense of total normality even though it's Japan. And they make the best sushi. and they have shoe dryers when you come in from the rain with wet shoes. We stayed with a little man in his wooden house/hostel and felt like a quirky family for 3 days. biking all over Kyoto, the most beautiful little streets and giant gorgeous gardens surrounding temples. Off to Osaka which for some reason REALLY reminds me of Toronto! There are homeless people, there are stray cats, and bicycles and a little dirt on the streets. I met a dude when i was buying traditional Japanese work boots in the seedier area of town and we went out for lunch and beers and he took me on a bike tour of the city... awesome. randomness makes my life better...

3. I went with Justin and Jagz to Wonju for the weekend. An hour or 2 outside of bundang. We went to visit friends Kim and Alex who have moved out there now for university jobs. Could i live in the country? Could i stay here again next year maybe and get a good university job and work out in the middle of the country. If Kim and Alex are going to stay there for another year, then maybe... but jeez i gotta not think about next year now cuz I'm so not that type of person! But I definitely want to do something new come march, be it move to a new country or relocate to a new job etc etc...

it's raining a lot.
drip drop.
drip drop.

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Teri said...

i fell in love with japan two years ago and it's been calling me back ever since.