....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.


the next year in stolen pictures....

a lot of planning is underway. hopefully my hogwan will get everything a ok and i will be on a plane heading to Amsterdam come Decmber 21st. but a la Korean styles i won't know about the booking of my ticket there until the last possible minute. maybe it will be a few days before... who knows... i just have to have some faith that it will happen and work out because most things here are like that, working out like mad gym women, but totally last minute. I'm terrible excited to go to holland. i get to see my niece whom i've never met and of course my sister and her husband. my dad has also decided to come to holland for christams. i'm going to be an optimist and not write anything negative about this now. it's too far away to think about now anyway. but yes, holland, is it terrible cold there in winter? i wanna bike my ass off while high (well maybe... i don't know if i can smoke the pot anymore since those reoccurring bad episodes involving me and pot and the anxiety, but god, i'm going to be in amsterdam so i better just suck it up...) From there i go to

the India. this is the trip i've been waiting for all my life.... i've spent years reading Indian novels and being obsessed with the land of babu Gandhi. this trip however is making me anxious... just circumstances relating to the traveling there etc etc. anxiety makes my stomach hurt like eating glass (yeah i eat broken windows all the time ok...). and it doesn't go away for long periods of time. i can't go to sleep because i feel anxious and then i get anxious that i'm not asleep and i have to get up in too few hours. it's a bad cycle.
louis exgirlfriend/best friend is planning to join us on our India adventures. this makes me anxious. but i shouldn't care. i'm not worried for typical reasons like "oh my god, what if he falls in love with her again blabhalbhlahb" i'm creating some crazy jealous anxiety over their connection that has held them together for so long and what if i don't fit into it and i can't travel with them. i don't want this trip to be bad. i soooo don't want this trip to be bad. and it's india, it's going to be SOOOOO hard. the last thing i wanna be is the crazy girlfriend. blah. if all goes as planned from India we will head to

Taiwan in March. this here is taiwan. god what beauty awaits us!!!! i haven't researched it enough so i don't really know what to write about taiwan. i'm assuming that it will be the same situation work wise as korea, mad money when you find the right job teaching bratty rich kids their abc's. i'm not feeling the love for my job of late. our school is merging with another school that has moved in to our school with their kindergarten (we only teach elementary kids starting in the late afternoon). i think our school and the new school made some deal with yours truly being the pawn who was going to be used to teach at both schools. meaning that the new school thought they were going to get an english teacher for free. i declared that when my contract was up (oct 9th) i would not renew and i would quit. there is no way in hell i am coming in at 10 am every morning again. after much intolerance on my part and much begging on their part i agreed to come in at 1pm everyday. i still don't like it.

our new plan is to stay in Taiwan until September and then take the trans Siberian railway half way around the world!!! well, looking at it on a map it looks like half way around the world!!!
this trip looks unbelievable and unimaginable! i'm not letting myself dare to dream yet because everything seems to be too good. but this is the plan. i'm rambling too much today, maybe it's because i haven't written a blog posting in awhile. i dunno. when ever i start writing it's negative, too emotional and or about my relationship. these are not the things i want to bore you with dear reader. i want to spark the travel bug withing you and get you to join me on a train that goes 10,000 km across two continents.... yes yes... yes.....

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