....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.


agosto finito!

It's over, August is over and thank fuck for that! This had to be one of the hardest months ever and now it's done. glory glory. School is back to the normal starting time of lateness, where i get myself in there by 2:20 each day. this means back to yoga morning classes and getting to stay at the gym for 3 hours a day. this equals happiness. It's a great cycle of me feeling normal and therefore not fighting with the boy that i'm a smitten kitten with. but we still fight. and i've turned into a throwing, screaming crazy sometime over the past month too, and hopefully i will shed that skin and leave it to rot with august.

September makes me happy. last year september saw me recovered from the salmonella hell that poisoned me for most of the month. and it also brought me decisions (because i don't bring them to myself that's for sure) one of which was to come to korea and i'm happy that i came here. I'm soooo happy that i came here. and most of it is due to meeting louis. too cheesy!

soup is nice and makes me happy, as does bread and cheese which i have just ate a mountain of. missing people (even though this is sad) makes me happy because i know i have made strong connections with people and i think about them and they think about me.. (you better be freaking thinking about me assholes!). korea is the land of lacking connections to people. but that is a sad thing so i'm not going to digress.

blogging funnily enough makes me happy. it's too bad that now i've started to narrate my life in my head in lieu of making a post.

ciao bella!


Bruiser does Denmark said...

I'm thinking about you! I'm thinking about you!

I was thinking of making you a video to show you how long my hair is.

I think you should post some of the movies you guys make at your house.

Teri said...

i did it. i finally can leave a comment on your blog. it's entirely due to the freakin' dial-up shittiness that i live in over here, i tell you. has nothing, relatively little, maybe only a small amount to do with the fact that i'm still somewhat mostly computer illiterate.
i just ate so much chocolate i got sick. and now i'm trying to calm my stomach with some good strong coffee. (!) i think all of the common sense that korea's missing lives over here in canada, in blue's house, inside teri.

Teri said...

hey i forgot to ask, what were you throwing? did you throw it at anyone's head...? ;D
just wondering.