....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.


green tea ice cream yum

it's hot...soo hot, too hot and humid like a mutherfucker to boot. for example you put some chips in a bowl to share over a nice friendly monopoly game and by the end of the game the chips are soggy because of the humidity! WTF! and i know, you are thinking, oh andrea... it takes 6 hours to play monopoly that's why you had soggy chips but no...we even finished the game way early.. then there is the cereal that goes soggy inside the bag inside the box. and jenny warned me about drying your clothes and how it takes 3 days for them to dry i was all like sure sure....whatever..but no..it takes 3 days for them to dry.

a whole bunch of us were supposed to go camping this weekend on the islands just an hour or 2 outside of seoul, but thank you monsoon for ruining our plans of tents and bonfires. this would also be the fist time in a longgggggg time that i would hang out with the windsor crew (there were at one time about 40 kids here from windsor ontairo teaching, but now i think about 10 of them remain) which i was really looking forward to. A girl named andrea from windsor used to work at my school and we became friends and then i became friends with all her friends which was like having friends again!!!! but then andrea left and that was sort of my connection to the group..... but whatever.. i'm not going to whine about not having friends because it's not that hard to meet people here if you really want to.

yesterday was a national holiday, maybe another independence day (i think there are about 5 of them!) so louis and i spent the day lazing around, going to the gym and drinking and eating bad food to counterbalance our productive gym session. we ended up playing pictionary at a terrible bar with a sports theme to it... but the pictionary was fun (except when i got the word sonar and felt like an idiot because i really didn't know what the hell sonar was...) anyway, it was amazingly wonderful to have a mid week day off of work.....and of course spend it with louis. i don't understand how we are not sick of each other yet.....it seems like it's going the opposite way and we are becoming more obsessed with each other. the whole korea situation makes it this way though. it's intense here! you don't know many people, you can't speak the language, you are lacking in friends etc etc this must lead somewhat to the intensity of our relationship. but i love it and i wouldn't want it any other way.

the sun is beaming in the window and i'm happy that it hasn't rained yet today.

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Bruiser does Denmark said...

I played scrabble with my 81-year-old grand-mother and my 17-year-old cousin a few days ago.
I won't tell you who won, but it wasn't me.