....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.


tiny town

belong back in the 20's where all the ladies go to finishing schools and are all lesbo, knitting and making embroidered goddesses with hair the looks like mine. Well maybe in my mind i belong there, so maybe i'll just romanticise about it for awhile. because the romanticising stops when you have to think about what they did after the finishing school (well the white ladies with the money who went to the finishing school) when they probably left all their lesbos lovers and went off to be beaten by the ex solider husband and never became the car mechanic with the embroidered tool holders. this sounds like a bad movie. i bet it is a bad movie.

All around me korean children are armed with nets and are out and about catching dragonflies and butterflies and other flies that are swarming around the semi suburban landscape.

There are these huge bugs in the trees that make this electrical sounding sound that i can't get over. At first i though it was a bird gone electric or super crazy wire noises but it's not it's a bug. One of my students came to class with one of these giant ugly looking things in his pocket. While screaming and swatting him and the bug with my book i managed to get him to trow it out the window. In the end of it all the bug wasn't that big, but all i could think about was it getting tangled in my hair.

i love you mary blair.

"If I could put my words in song
And tell what's there enjoyed,
All men would to my gardens throng,
And leave the cities void."


Bruiser does Denmark said...

Dear Joycey,
Kristin and I are sitting on her couch with Molls Balls reading your blog. We miss you terribly. In your honour, we are going to go to the Bistro tonight and drink our faces off and win lots and lots of prizes at prize night.
P.S. We just came back from the 437 house and damn it's in a state of disarray. But I got my Big Red!
Nicole and Kristin

Joycey Joyce said...

awww, i miss you guys something terrible! even little molls balls! i hope you won many a prize...

Teri said...

those bugs... i know!
they're called cicadas
canada has 'em too
only ours are "regular sized"
but in korea
they are the entomological equivalent
of a super-sized happy meal
in giant land.
(how's that? :)