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bye bye bhopal

All of Ishrat's friends gather outside of her house to have their picture taken. The little girl with the hennaed hair kept telling me to take off my goggles (sunglasses!). They also wouldn't stop screaming DIDI(older sister) at me at the top of their lungs, even though it was Ishrat who was controlling the camera...and the camera is what they want...
Out of all our kids, I think that Ishrat lives in the worst conditions. Her colony is definitely the most tight on space and when we went to her house it seemed just to be a front room and a cooking area with a curtain for a door. Her colony also seems to be the one with the most children, leering men and babies! When we first came to her house and we were inside teaching her about the camera, over 20 people were spilling in the doorway..
This picture is by Shabans, from our day at the park. We all ate at this little park restaurant but the food wasn't the type of food most of the kids are used to (they usually eat subgee (potatoes or peas or cauliflower), rice and dalh) so all of us had to finish off plates of Chinese style noodles!
We think that Shifan's older sister took these pictures at her school.

These pictures were taken by Shifan when we went to the park

Arman took this picture of the walls surrounding the playground outside of his school.

The school is a pretty big building with 4 or 5 different rooms. I didn't really get that much information about the school because I didn't go with a translator (Armans older sister took me around to each of the rooms telling me " lunch room" "school room" "physio room" which was helpful but a little evident.... Most of the children that were at the school on the day I was there were mostly kids with growth problems due to CP (and I'm not really sure what other illnesses...) so these kids are of perfect mental capabilities and of perfect I WANNA TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOUR CAMERA capabilities, i had to fight off a little boy for a good 10 minutes!

So ya... these are some pictures from the photo project. We've developed the pictures at two different shops and have had shitty results at both! The last shop we asked for a cd and clearly just assumed they would scan the negatives at a high resolution, oh who were we kidding, the quality is HORRIFIC! and you can see on the last picture that they didn't even cut it proper. The shop also decides which pictures from your roll are fit to print so images that thy don't consider in focus or framed they don't print (the picture above (the red one) by Shabhan wasn't printed!)

Anyway...what else!

Em and I are off tonight for our 3 week mega tour of India. I have no idea how we are going to fit what we have planed into the coming 3 weeks, but hey, we've included 4 days on the beach in Goa so that should help us relax someeee.... The past 3 days have been excellent, thank god for the turn around in my moodiness sate of being, I guess I get moody often, but maybe it doesn't last for long... tis good I think.

I've been all over Bhopal by myself the past two days, which is sort of a feat considering the way one feels when outside the clinic alone and all the attention that is placed upon you by EVERYONE... a little tiring...... a lot tiring!! I feel pretty comfortable here which makes me a little sad to leave because i just kind of had Bhopal figured out... but no... not too sad, because i'm really really excited to see more of India and then get back home. I feel like I've been gone away forever!!! It's been nearly 2 months now, not THAT long at all, but i am thinking about my own bed and space again...

Me and my googles, taken by Ishrat...


b. said...

Loving the park photo with the one kid going up the steps and the other coming down the slide... AMAZING!

Teri said...

i miss miss miss you.