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shits and giggles and children that change your life

5 more days left in Bhopal and I just got over my second bout of travelers diarrhea so hopefully I’m good to go...

The last week has been an educational experience in everything that is truly India.. Emily and I have started a photo project with 7 children living in the Basties (the slums, the communities, the colonies, whatever you wanna call them) around Bhopal. Of these Children 3 are physically special needs (they have physical deformities such as bow leggedness, which prevents them from standing or walking normally), 3 are mentally special needs, and 1 is Yogiata, the sister of 2 brothers who were born with physical abnormalities. All these children are born from parents who were somewhere in old Bhopal the night of December 2nd 1984 when the gas cloud from the exploded pesticide factory Union Carbide passed over their homes and changed their lives.

We went into the Basties with a woman who works for Chingari Trust she brought us to each of the homes that the children live at. What an amazing experience to have chai in these houses and get to meet the people who experienced the worst when the carbine factory exploded and hear what they say about that night and what has happened since. Going to the basties is ... pretty insane... these people live in the smallest of spaces, with the largest amount of family, and some of them have next to nothing. And then there are the kids. Adil, Radisha Bi's (one of the women who started Chingari) nephew sat in my lap and covered my eyes before giving me giant bear hugs and kissed me a million times. how can you hold back the tears. How can I type this and not feel what I felt then, I can't. The tears flow. His little legs bent all sorts of ways that they shouldn't be. And his 16 year old body the size of a 3 year old...

the kids in the photo project are so clearly excited that it's terribly contagious. I can't wait to see what kind of pictures we get back and what we can do as the next step.

ok veggie burger calls...

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Jude's travel blog said...

Hey Girl
The project sounds really good.I've justshown your blog to a French woman here in Hyderabad, named Barbara. She is an educator and your blog was perfect for her to see what she might do at Sambhavna.
Hope you and Emily have a good trip. Judith