....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.


snotty nosed andrea

I just received an email from one of my old Keric Students Rachel! What a nice surprise and what a sweet email. The letters we receive from our students are clearly ESL works of art, the kids usually write bluntly and in a straight forward manner (with a little bit of backwards English thrown in) but something about the wording and the way the letters sound comes out so sweet and makes me smile, widely.

Yesterday we spent the day with the photo project kids. Everyone met at Chingari and the kids got their cameras and pictures back and YAY! was it exciting! All the kids showed up (which was something incredible considering it's not easy for people to get around - the bus may not be an option because money isn't an option or constraints with the movement of some of the children) and we went through their photos, scolding parents and siblings for taking the bulk of the pictures (something that clearly happened when a lot of the pictures are at adult eye level) and asking the children which pictures they took, and which ones are their favourites. One of the girls, Ishrat had told us at her house last week, when we asked her what she wanted to take pictures of, she had said herself, well receiving her prints back from the lab we laughed so hard because there she was in EVER picture on the roll striking a pose for the camera. So a little explaining was done as to who should be taking the pictures. And then off we went... filling up autos and the chingari bus, a caravan of 30 of us headed for a park in New Bhopal. The kids were great, Shifan (who has CP) was running RUNNING all over the place snapping this and that. I can't wait to upload the photos and scan what the kids took pictures of.

On Monday I'm going to the State School that a bunch of the Kids go to, (Chingari pays their tuitions, buys their uniforms and busses them back and forth) so the kids can take some pictures of school and their teachers. I'm really excited to go because secretly in my head I want to see what it would be like to work in a school like this (orrrrrrr maybe work in the new school that Chingari is opening when they open up their rehabilitation center for the kids).

anyway, what else...we are leaving on Tuesday! I can't wait, can not wait to go to Varanasi (and hope hope hope it's not overrun by touts and scammers). Writing this post has actually made me feel so much better, I don't want to be down down...
My body is letting me down. I now have a cold, insomnia and I still have the shits. Adding this to my unstable emotional state from having to switch to a new birth control (something I'm going to have to do AGAIN in 1 month) is making me have a hard day. But (a la rocky) hey, forget about it.... I will be fine tomorrow...pumping some fits in the air and jump up yelling raspberry!

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