....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.



is kind of how i feel right now. india should be called intimidatia or something of the like. it's a bag of everything and my emotions are on high or maybe on low because I'm in a little shell shock bubble also. and today is only my second day, or really my first day because i just taxied through Delhi to get to the train and then get to Bhopal yesterday. how do i write whats it's like or how I'm feeling or reacting...because i don't even know how to explain it. i guess picturing what you see in the movies or read is pretty accurate, but then again I'm not Patrick swayze so maybe don't think about the movies (that one with patric swayze being pretty pretty bad). it's overwhelming and scary and beautiful and dirty and poor (sooooo sooo soo poor) it's nothing I've ever seen or done before, ever. ever ever.

the train ride from delhi to bhopal was great. I've never had a sleeper train before and the voices of my neighbours and the rocking motion put me to sleep pretty soon after i lay down. i woke up various times throughout the night usually when we pulled into a station, and i could see the foggy shapes of people waiting at the train station. it was pretty ghostly. the countryside was fantastical. brown and green beauty with fog and sparse trees. arriving in Bhopal was a little like arriving in Delhi (except i had a wonderful Emily Gibson there to meet me!), tuk tuk crazy, yelling, screaming, people seeing you and wanting your attention, money, whatever...

the clinic that i will be staying at for the next month is absolutely beautiful. it's peaceful and airy and just magnificent! there are other volunteers here from all over the place working on various projects, staff that work at the clinic, and chipmunks of the indian kind galore! I've been shadowing ms. emily jane all day and have been trying to get my bearings etc. and smoking a lot of cigarettes. and eating especially delicious food that cost next to nothing.

last week i was in Amsterdam with brock and nash. oh what joy to see nash!! hahah, i nearly shit my pants! we had a good time drinking and eating and getting tattoos..well just me! it kind of feels like a year ago now, india is too overwhelming to try to get my brain to understand. i'm kind of on auto pilot. i haven't talked to Louis in an eternity and it's also making me sad. oh emotional overload, and i guess that's why i write here! to pawn it off to you dear readers!


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Teri said...

i have been writhing in jealousy reading your blog and the stuff about india. AAAAGH!! i wish i was there! leading a settled life is not all it's cracked up to be..... :(