....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.


tis the eve of the new year and...

i just realized that i'll be 28 in 2008 and 29 in 2009 and how have i not noticed this until now...hrm... yes that's what i'm thinking of on this day of days. Well i guess this is some kind of new year post or it could be a travel post (i'm traveling at the moment) or it could be some emotional dissertation, that i'm sure it will be no matter what.

i'm in north holland, and it's a freaking adorable tiny town. and it's full of bikes and indie looking boys with geek glasses riding them. and grandmas and mum's with babies and it's all on the bike! i'm in holland and i can drink the tap water. i didn't realize this until i was here for half a day and looking for a water bottle. drinking water from the tap is a luxury that i wish we had in korea. i think i'll appreciate it even more when i'm drunk/hung over next week and all i'm going to have to do is turn on the tap to rehydrate myself. amazing. i'm in the real version of that street in canada's wonderland and i'm visiting my family which is going amazingly well now.... not so at first..ohh a little strange and a little loaded with comments and assumptions and not knowing each other at all (i haven't seen them in 2 and a half years and i only see my dad once ever year or so) but we are getting used to each other which is good, but of course we will all part and recollect maybe in 2 more years...

well it's new years eve and i'm thinking about things and i'm missing louis more than anything. how hard this is, and how much in love i am and all and emotional run off.... but here are some things i want to accomplish. and i think this is good to make a list. and who knows...

i want to study yoga hardcore and maybe become a yoga instructor for the fat types...i want to be fit, fit fitter and i want to bike, a lot, around a cournty (a small one, a flat one, maybe the one i'm in..) and be able to do it AND not hate it. I want to pay off my student loans and be debt free and feel free to do anything and go anywhere and not have to worry about monthly payments. i want to be less crazed and more aware and be kind to my mother. i want to travel to a million places and i want to see a milliondy things and i want to do it with the boy i love.

bambino where are you?! i could drink you and sing into you and of course nash and michael would be at my side!
happy last day of the year!

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