....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.


so according to this piece of crap I am not going to have a good year.  If you are also a 1979 baby, year of the Ram (or goat),  you too are not going to have a good year.  In fact you are going to have 7 unfavourable months, and 5 neutral months.  And how about a good month.. no, not possible. 

January is definitely one of my 7 unfavourable months, my bike was stolen yesterday.  too sad.  Who would steal my piece of crap bike!?  It really is a piece of crap, and actually I was getting a little scared because the pedals felt kind of funny when i pushed them (and how often do you push a pedal like 100 times a minute?)  and  before I left Toronto I had an accident where my pedal fell off mid push and I fell to the pavement getting more than a bruise (you know my Indonesia sized bruise from falling down the stairs didn't even compare to this pedal-fall-off-Andrea-fall-down bruise.)  

So anyway, get ready to have a shitty year - or you can ignore your horoscope completely which is basically the norm for me, I have NO idea the last time I read a horoscope, but somehow being the fake Asian wanna be I am, I just had to look didn't I.

So speaking about being a fake Asian wanna be, I have to admit that I am completely obsessed with K-pop and K-pop run off culture.  Shameful as it sounds I actually like Big Bang.

and I like this song too.... shame shame... 

I don't know when the obsession started, I used to have a TV and one day I  started to realize that the bands I heard were appearing on most of the TV shows.  Nearly all Korean singers/ bands appear in 3 or 4 different shows on TV, ranging from being an actor on a Korean drama, or being a host on some terrible reality show or being a participant on a love-connection type show or also being a judge on a talent type show.  example...

This is star king (or stocking as most Koreans call it) and appearing on this show are people from all over Korea and sometimes other countries displaying their talents and trying to win some prize.  The panel is made up of 15 different people who are all in different bands or in other comedy shows or are actors.  They also appear in maybe 3 other shows each!  I think this is nuts!  Imagine in Canada if ever time you turned on the TV, Avril Lavine or Celine Dion or the Feist were on commercial for baskin robbins or Fido and then on about 5 programs a day, and oh btw they also appear on a soap opera!  When do these people sleep?!?!?  

but secretly I love it.  


iowa-girl-in-korea said...

Glad we found each other's blogs:)

You got me reading my Chinese astrology too and I am thinking the whole time "How true! How true!" I hope your year doesn't turn out to be too aweful!

Jeong hun said...

you like Big bang haha ^^
I like his music ~

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