....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.


rainy days

make me sleepy, sad, happy and lonely all jumbled into one Andrea in a giant yellow raincoat biking in the rain. The yellow raincoat makes the world sound different and I feel like I'm inside a tent (which gives me that instant- happy- tenty- feeling) because the raincoat makes the rain sound like how the rain sounds when you are hearing it from inside a tent.. you know?!

Alternatives journal is publishing my piece on Sambhavna's garden in their summer issue, and SAGE is doing the Chingari story in their spring issue - how freaking exciting is that!! I finally feel like I'm doing something - not that i feel like I've been doing nothing forever, but you know, i guess yeah, i sort of feel like I've been doing nothing for awhile now.

I taught a class on Monday that had 21, 13 year old students in it... 21!!! that's 3x what I'm used to, and for some reason i became nervous and was blushing, omg, the constant blushing! I'm pretty used to teaching the 6 year olds who never question and just want to give you their undying love. "why is your face so red teacher?" .. omg kid, shut up because now I'm a cherry!

so in regard to the subject of my cherry red face, here is a picture i took of the river by my house. banks lined with the most beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom on the trees, and how sad...they have all floated away now on the wind, and a lot of them floated into my mouth/face/hair/eyes while i was biking, but hey, being showered in cherry blossoms petals by the wind can't be anyone's complaint!


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