....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.


no no nooooo november

November... what are you? You are like this in between month of no holidays and usually a good intro into winter (blahhhh).
Now who doesn't love a good holiday?! I'm a teacher, holidays equal time off AND holidays mean hours and hours of useless worksheets for students based on said holiday. I guess there is American thanksgiving, but hells I'm not American and we don't get the day off for that.... remembrance day, but that took that day away from us and gave it to remembering soldiers... hrm... So november what are you good for? 4 long weeks before December (which equals CHRISTMAS 10 days off work!)

No swine test results yet, for some reason my results are taking 2 days longer, doesn't matter, i'm like 90% better, could even go to the gym tomorrow I think! I'm scared though about having another crazy relapse... Last night I went to S. apartment and drank a few glasses of wine with my friends who didn't object to swine flu face being there, which was nice.... I was wondering if someone was going to tell me not to come. I really can't believe I missed halloween gay chrstimas!!! It's absolutely one of my favourite days ever!

I guess I haven't written here in ages, I didn't even check when was the last time I made a post, but I'm assuming it must have been last spring!??! What happened since then, all the regular stuff, got a new job (LOVE IT), got a new cat (he's the devil), went through a KBF or 2 (that's a korean boy friend for all of you who don't know me .....). Read the book After Dark by my most favourite Haruki Murakami last night, and it was just ok. which made me sad. and then i woke up and it was november. which made me sad. and then my cat punched me in the face. and i'm laughing at typing this now, so guess it didn't make me so sad. life is good.

new cat new hat (love you gmarket - that's the website, not the cat, the cat is nakji)


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November is good for many-a-thing, thank yew ver-y much! My birthday being one of those things! HMPH!~
I *was* enjoying your blog until this pork chop post came along.

But, I guess I'll let it slide. "It" being your lack of appreciation for the greatest month of the year.