....is a yeasty irish cake that we eat
around halloween. I'm a yeasty irish gal
..yeasty meaning: youthful; exuberant; ebullient.


street invasiveness

how am i just finding out about google street view now!? whatever, I've just wasted 2 hours researched google street view for a good 2 hours... and WOW you can find pictures of places you know. how awesome. and sometimes there are people without heads or funny signs in the "views"....

95 Harrison St.

I used to live above this abc variety store (wow my future as an ESL teacher was totally chosen for me when I moved into this place!) That's my old bedroom window on the left, good times were had at this place, (wait I don't mean that in the hey there's my bedroom window, good times, nudge nudge way.....) family dinner was invented here, I finally finished university when I lived here and I only had one bike stolen from this place.

I lived with a guy named Adam Pearson here above the abc, he smelled like pencil crayon sharpenings and boy. Adam liked to collect everything under the sun and attach it somehow to his walls. He also always did all my dishes (and well, all the dishes of my extended family who would could over once a week to be fed) and never ate my food. All in all he was probably one of the best room mates I ever had. One of my most remembered memories about Adam is this one time (at abc camp) we got really really high and watched pet cemetery and totally scared the shit out of ourselves. We had to leave all the lights on when we went to bed. Adam dated this crazy native girl who woke me up at 4 in the morning one time, she was screaming and pounding on the door. I didn't like her so much AND she borrowed and lost this awesome black 1920's style had of mine that I had found at the value village for like a dollar. hate her.

My market bakery

I worked at this bakery (cleverly named "my market bakery") in Kensington Market for about 2 years. This was the last place I worked before starting my new exciting career as a babysitter in south korea. This bakery is pretty popular in the market, but not nearly as popular as the cheese store next store that my boss also owned. the cheese store being insanely popular for all the hot cheese boys who worked there. glad i never dated any of them. oh wait i did. I gained a few pounds to say the least working at this bread and brownie filled emporium. I really enjoyed working here, my co-workers were also as bitter and hateful of customers (especially those suburban yuppies who lined up for hours on the weekend) as I was, so we always got along famously. Elle magazine also approached my boss to do an interview about me working here, but I was gone to Korea before I even knew about it. too sad, i would have been totally famous.

The Royal

The Royal was most favourite place of employment ever! We totally used to use the fountain machine pop to mix our bevies (when we weren't on duty of course!) My boss was this guy named Tim whom I loved and adored, he was this rail thin guy who was kind of sad and broken like the theater, but he always wanted to make things better and could out-eat anyone in an all-you-can-eat sushi competition (thank god there were at least 10 all you can eat sushi places right across the street). The theater is beautiful on the inside (yes this picture does not show it justice!). It is a one screen theater all in art deco style and it has comfy reclining chairs. And it's totally awesome playing playstation on the big screen. Sometime in 2006 the owner (who had bought the theater in the 70's i think when the city was going to turn it into a parking lot) died, his kids took over and decided that this toronto historical landmark didn't deserve a chance and they sold it as soon as they could. leaving us all out of a job as well - thanks guys! But the community came together and got it deemed a historical building so they couldn't sell it to the condo developers and a post production film company bought it and kept it going. See there are happy endings. except i still didn't get my job back.

the infamous 437 Bathurst

This is the last house I lived at before moving to kimchi land. The house of 437 was an over the top explosion of love and debauchery, a yard full of squash and tomatoes and halls full of cats and craziness. I loved living here with the 5 others who knew how to have a drunk kitchen dance party any time of the day. I could write many stories about us but I'm out of time now.. so you will just have to wait!

Strathclyde Residence
So i can't exactly find my old place of residence in Glasgow on google street view, but it had to be around here somewhere!


ilovesasek said...

ah the history of your life in t.o... well a portion of it anyway. brings back memorieeeeeeees! i can't believe i didn't know you were writing on the world wide web!

i'm going to ireland for the first time in my life on friday! i'll be thinking of you. a. xo

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